Assisted marketplace for Businesses & Inventors of all types
For Businesses & Inventors, Licentech is an assisted marketplace that Evaluates Inventions and Matchmake with the potential Business having common subject matter expertise and thereafter we facilitate the commercialization deal.
Licentech represents a group of people who have a passion for bridging the gap in the Innovation commercialization process. We are a team of highly motivated and experienced engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers, patent agents, financial wizards who have significant work histories and experience in the field of commercialization. We are a market differentiator in a way that we only focus on various stages of technology (IP) commercialization through our unique three stage Evaluate–Matchmake–Facilitate model. We at Licentech are more versatile than you might think. If you are an inventor or technology owner or innovation-based organization, you could benefit from our expertise.

What’s our secret? Great people

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