Who are we?


LicenTech is a technology (IP) commercialization consultancy offering diverse services which caters to all your needs, required for turning your idea into a global product. We provide a platform for the final stage of the innovation process i.e. Commercialization.


We are a team of specialized professionals with expertise and industry knowledge, who actively help and collaborate with inventors, entrepreneurs, government organizations, educational institutions and commercial organizations in identifying, protecting and commercialization of inventions.


We have developed an advanced virtual platform for listing of inventions available for commercialization, where any inventor or technology owner can register for free and start listing their invention(s) which they want to commercialize by licensing or assignment, and investors can easily search for available inventions for commercialization in their domain of interest.


We help individual inventors, educational institutions, local and global organizations in bringing their products to market by supporting them in developing invention commercialization strategies to meet their needs, our process including:


Identifying most promising inventions from research institutions, individual innovators, universities and organizations


Technical and commercial evaluation of invention by a team of experts having vast experience in particular domain


Helping in Intellectual Property (IP) protection processes such as filing of patents and rights such as trademarks, designs etc


Preparing marketing materials such as introduction profile, presentations, financial plans, pitch deck etc


Scouting for potential partner investors, companies or buyers for your invention / technology commercialization


Marketing and pitching inventions in front of potential investors or buyers from relevant industry / domain


Advising commercialization strategy to potential investors or buyers for technology transfers / licensing


Negotiating terms of commercialization agreement and drafting of various agreements

We are the masters in providing innovative technologies to all possible industrial sectors and are committed to provide cost efficient and qualitative solutions to the client’s requirements. We provide wide range of services, making our client focus more on their core capabilities and believe in sharing their weight.

“We believe in having a great time while doing what we do and who truly loves what we do.”

Why choose us?


LicenTech represents a group of people who have a passion for building global innovative products and for inventions commercialization related work. We are a team of highly motivated, world class and experienced engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers, financial wizards who have significant work histories and experience in the field of commercialization.


We are a market differentiator in a way that we only focus on various stages of technology (IP) commercialization through our unique offerings. We believe in focusing on our core competencies and giving the best output rather than trying to adopt everything.


We at LicenTech are more versatile than you might think. If you are an inventor or technology owner or innovation-based organization, you could benefit from our expertise. We believe in excellence and are working hard constantly to improve ourselves, our team, and our services to become the best.

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