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Patent Listing

We provide a global platform where Invention/Tech owners can showcase their patented (or pending patent application) inventions they want to license out or sell; allowing investors, innovators and businesses from around the world to find inventions of their interest and connect with invention/tech owner to explore commercialization possibilities. It’s FREE and EASY: you just have to register by following few simple steps, fill in the patent information and your patent is showcased on our portal.

Direct Connect

With Direct Connect service, we take your invention in front of right buyers. Our Direct Connect service includes a detailed evaluation of your invention both technical and commercial evaluation, creating customized marketing material, scouting for potential licensees and buyers, presenting your invention in front of potential licensees and buyers, facilitates dialogues and negotiations between the parties, and drafting of agreements.

IP Strategy Consulting

Intellectual Property is a valuable asset for any organization, although it is not tangible like liquid cash, inventory, real estate property etc. We help our clients such as companies, educational institutions and other patent/technology owners determine the value of their patents/technologies and assist them in developing and implementing a very optimised action plan to utilise and monetize these assets.

We help our clients in identifying the patents/technology that should be acquired to strengthen the overall portfolio, which patents/technology should be licensed out, which patents/technology should be sold. We do this by performing evaluation and valuation of patent/technologies, prioritizing them, reviewing R&D strategy of the organization, and aligning IP strategy and R&D strategy with the goals of the organization.

Technology Landscape

In today’s innovation driven economy it is very important for any organization to have knowledge of latest developments in a specific scientific or technological field, identifying what competitors are doing or trying to do, identifying new ideas based on the latest advances in the research world, identifying and solving a new real time problem. This not only helps in identifying right direction for investing but also helps avoiding the risk of reinventing.

We access and analyse latest scientific knowledge through publications in various journals or conference reports, and patents filed worldwide. This makes it possible for us to provide to our clients only reliable information in land scape report such as latest technological developments and companies that work in the field of interest.

Technology Scouting and Acquisition

We not only work with organizations willing to sell or license their patents/technologies, but we also work with organizations looking to acquire patents/technologies. Our technology scouting professionals continually perform searches within their respective area of expertise so that we can provide our clients with the critical technologies they seek through highly effective external knowledge searches.

We help organizations that have already identified the specific patent(s) or technology they want to acquire. In this case, we track down the assignee, and discreetly and confidentially enter into negotiations to acquire the rights on behalf of our client. Our goal is to secure the patents desired by our client at the best price. For organizations that only know what they want to acquire and have not identified any specific patent/technology. We identify specific patent/technology based on the client’s acquisition requirements, then analyse and prioritize and bring a list of prospective patent/technologies available for acquisitions to our client with our recommendations, but the final decision of which patents to acquire is made by the buyer.

Patent Valuation

In today’s technology driven global economy, a patent is often considered as most valuable assets for patent/technology owner. That is why knowing the worth of a patent is very important, and only a professional patent valuation expert can tell you that.

When inventors or patent owners approach us for licensing or selling their patents, they often do not have any idea what their patents might be worth. Out of three widely used classic valuation methodologies: Market, Cost, and Income. Our valuation experts utilize Market approach for providing patent valuation. They conduct market research, financial research and by using various financial modelling methods determine an optimal value of your patent.

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