Improvement in Automotive locks

Brief Description (Abstract)
The present disclosure provides for an novel automotive lock having an innovative electro-mechanical authentication system, the novel electro-mechanical authentication system consist of various "normally open" and "normally close" miniature electrical switches arranged in series configuration in automotive lock which itself act as a "normally open" switch in automobiles ignition circuit. These switches in automotive lock circuit ( which further is part of automobile's ignition and electrical utility circuit) are configured such that only "normally open" switches are required to get actuated by mechanical action of key having unique physical pattern to authenticate lock. The "normally closed" miniature switches should remain undisturbed for successful authentication of the lock. The arrangement of NO & NC switches is random and complex and is enclosed in sealed and opaque casing. Hence impossible for thieves to guess key pattern. The novel automotive lock also provided for an unbreakable (unbreakable means to maintain undrivable status of automobile) handle/steering lock mechanism for automobiles in which lock's interlocking element will temporarily retract back into lock casing when breaking of handle/steering lock is attempted by thieves by applying huge rotational torque on handle/steering. Due to this neither interlocking element lock and chassis will get permanently damaged due to shear failure ensuring undrivable status of automobile when handle lock is enabled.
1) impossible to guess key pattern, break handle lock without any heavy duty mechanical tool which thieves are unlikely to carry during silent theft.
2) Cost efficient,simple (as compared to conventional lock in use) and reliable(minitaure tact switches have on average 1 million actuating life cycle).
3) Fixed keyway which can be fixed into strong metal frame. The conventional lock's key way
rotates with key due to this thieves can break the lock mechanism by rotating keyway forcefully.
4) No mechanical and sound feedback available from locks mechanism 'which can help thieves to guess the key pattern in conventional locks.
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