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We provide a global platform where Invention/Tech owners can showcase their patented (or pending patent application) inventions they want to license out or sell. It’s FREE and EASY: you just have to register by following few simple steps, fill in the patent information and your patent is showcased on our portal.

Direct Connect

With Direct Connect service, we take your invention in front of right buyers. Our Direct Connect service includes a detailed evaluation of your invention both technical and commercial evaluation, creating customized marketing material, scouting for potential licensees and buyers, presenting your invention in front of potential licensees and buyers, facilitates dialogues and negotiations between the parties, and drafting of agreements.

Patent Valuation


With patent valuation service, our experts conduct market research, financial research and by using various financial modeling methods determine an optimal value of your patent.

Patent Landscape & Technology Scouting


Our experts from various industry interact with the researchers/clients to scope the project, creates relevant taxonomy, Analyse & bucket the IP data and represent the gathered insights to the end client, typically includes: Identification of White Space, Grey Space & Black Space, Year wise trend, Creating of matrixes, Other trends answering competitive and scientific intelligence key questions, Reporting & Summarising (includes analyst suggestions).

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